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When do I need dental implants?

A dental implant is actually an artificial root that is implanted in your gum and it resembles any restoration done to your other tooth or teeth. One of the very common forms of dental implants is done through root-form endosseous implants. It has an actual root.

There are various reasons to opt for dental implants and when you tend to think of why go for dental implants, then some of the potent reasons that come up are:

• Infection
• Injury
• Disease of gum

Removing the affected teeth is definitely an easy solution, but what most of us do not know or we do not notice is that removal of one tooth hampers the positioning of the other adjacent teeth, which tend to grow out in a crooked manner as they shift and rotate from their usual position. These ugly spaces and gaps surely affect ones self-confidence and self esteem and this is the time when you urgently need a dental implant.

If you have problems with your level of confidence because one or two of your teeth are missing or if you have major problems while eating or speaking properly, then its high time you should consult a dentist to get your dental implants done properly.

When your dentures are giving problems and they need to be relined frequently, or when your existing crowns give you too much of trouble functionally, then you should know that its time for a dental implant session. You definitely need a dental implant surgery if your teeth holding your bridge are either loose or they are moving.

Thanks to the artificial tooth roots in the form of dental implants, now holding your replaced tooth or bridge is easier. In fact, the dental implants are better and safer than normal bridgework, which is a traditional method as well. The best part about the dental implants is that they feel like real and natural teeth.

The benefits of dental implants:

• It replaces one or more teeth at a time without harming the teeth at the borders.
• It supports a bridge and removes the requirement for a partial denture that’s removable too.
• With this, the dentures get an extra support and becomes more stable.

The most commonly used dental implant is Endosteal done in the bone. It includes the usage of screws, cylinders or blades that are surgically placed in your jawbone and each of these implants is meant to hold one or even more prosthetic teeth. This kind of implants is done primarily when the patient either is suffering from problems of bridges or may be removable dentures.

The Subperiosteal implant or implant done on the bone is done on top of the jaw where the metal framework protrudes through the gum in order to hold on to the prosthesis. This is done when the patient cannot wear the usual dentures.

Dental implants are much better than the traditional bridging methods as they do not harm the condition of the teeth placed adjacent to the implanted teeth.

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