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The Evolution of Dental Practices

Dentistry, Its History and Development

The practice of dentistry has changed and evolved over the years of its development. Early dental practices were apparently a rather rough affair, sometimes involving a shot of whiskey for anesthesia and a gunshot for a quick tooth extraction. In ancient times (research reveals that even the ancient Egyptians practiced some form of dentistry) patients were subjected to drilling in the jawbone in order to relieve and drain tooth abscesses. While it’s impressive to think of the courageous work the early dentists did to maintain their patient’s health, it’s a relief to know that as far as the practice or oral health is concerned, we’ve clearly come a very long way.

Why Dental Health Matters

Today the practice of dentistry is very sophisticated. Modern dentistry utilizes very efficient and high-tech tools, including X-rays and video cameras, to isolate problem areas in the mouth and quickly work to heal them.

Today, some cost-conscious patients wonder–does dental health really matter, or is it all just about having a good-looking set of teeth?  The answer is yes, dental health matters enormously.

Research now shows that tooth and gum health is important for the health of the whole individual–not just the mouth area itself.  Studies show that dental health also has an impact on heart health, as bacteria that form in unhealthy teeth can lead to serious cardiac problems, including heart attacks. So yes, dental care is a serious health issue indeed. What’s really important for dental health is that patients do seek help for dental issues before they become serious. Routine dental care, including brushing, flossing and regular checkups, is the key to maintaining good dental health.

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New Work Dynamics for Dentists

Nowadays, dentists can do wonders for the health of patients with dental problems. But still, the practice of dentistry is constantly evolving, along with overall changes in work practices and the economy. Many dentists are practicing new marketing techniques in order to keep their business thriving. Others are exploring alternative options, like working as a “locum tenens”—that is, working as a professional on a temporary basis, in place of other practicing professionals

How can working dentists find such positions? The key is in finding the right placement, even if it’s temporary. Some dentists do well using professional placement agencies to find the locum positions for their skills. These kinds of positions can be very attractive to dental professionals who want to work in different areas, and explore different kinds of work situations.

As the practice of dentistry grows and evolves, so do the options available for keeping a practice busy and vibrant.

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