Three Tips for Oral Health

It is the normal tendency for any person to look after his health only after getting ill or suffering from some ailments. Even though everybody knows the proverb: “health is wealth”, people rarely pay attention to various health maintaining and body fitness exercises. Of course, there are some kinds of people who have some routine schedule by allocating some specific ... Read More »

The Current Sizzle in Dentistry – Dental hygiene blog

One of the most wanted procedures by individuals nowadays is tooth whitening or bleaching as called by the dentist. Our teeth become darker as we age, as the enamel becomes less porous and due to changes in the mineral structure of the teeth. Bacterial pigments, smoking, paan (betel leaf with areca nut) chewing, trauma to the tooth and even some ... Read More »

What Are Veneers And Why Are They Useful?

Veneers are the latest addition to advancement in Cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are thin casings used to cover the front side of the teeth. These custom made casings are multifunctional as they can correct uneven teeth, disguise discoloration, worn enamel, and irregular scaping and chipped teeth. Sometimes veneers are used to protect an already damaged tooth from further damage. They also ... Read More »

Karat Golden Smiles

Dentistry was practiced by ancient people, like Pharaohs, and Babylonians. The following picture is for a fractured jaw of an ancient Egyptian, showing drill holes used for bone repairing. Can you believe this? This piece which looks like a sort of a bridgework is from pure gold. Archaeologist think it was made at 1.000 BC for a king or a ... Read More »

Your Mouthwash can cause Cancer – Dental hygiene blog

A study which was conducted at the Australian University of Melbourne and published in the Dental journal of Australia(Jan-2009), claims that there is sufficient evidence to prove that mouth washes play an important role in causing oral cancer. Data from an International study which was done over 3210 people was reviewed by this study. The study was done related to ... Read More »

Tooth Hypersensitivity and Decay

Are your teeth hypersensitive to temperature changes or to sweet and acid foods? When this occurs, your body pH is too acid. Your teeth are screaming for minerals! Instead of using a desensitizing toothpaste, listen to your body and take your minerals. Normal Tooth Decalcification Decay Dental micro-circulation: Dr. Ralph Steinman was the first to demonstrate tooth micro-circulation. Liquids that ... Read More »

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Getting Dental Cavities

Dental cavities lead to the loss of tooth and affect millions of people around the world. Also known as caries, dental cavities are caused due to the oral bacteria that are present in the mouth. These bacteria convert the sucrose and starch into acid and in combination with the acid, saliva and food debris they form plaque. Plaque is sticky ... Read More »

Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing Dentistry Today

Technology has advanced to a great extent. And it doesn’t leave out dentistry as well. Nowadays lasers are being used to whiten the teeth and porcelain veneers to give a natural looking restoration to any of your teeth which needs to get a cosmetic touch for appearance improvement. Sedation Dentistry too has evolved as a great way to do away ... Read More »