Dental Veneers – Here Is the Information You Are Looking For

Cosmetic dentistry is really becoming popular with more and more people resorting to it to improve the appearance of their teeth and enhance the overall beauty. An unpleasant appearance of the teeth can really make you look unattractive. Patients dealing with either discolored teeth, chipped or crooked tooth, and gaps between teeth often adopt cosmetic dentistry to get treat themselves ... Read More »

Be Aware of Unhygienic Dental Treatment Consequence

Have you visited your dentist lately and he or she has recommended some dental procedure that would require you to go through an extensive dental treatment? You must be aware of the fact that unhygienic dental treatment can cause havoc with your teeth. We strongly recommend that for any kind of dental treatment, simple it may be, you must visit ... Read More »

Tooth Pain Or Sinusitis? Don’t Be Confused!

The world just isn’t fair! Couldn’t misery just focus on any one part at a time…? Isn’t it enough that we have to go through a bad cold, runny or a clogged nose, not being able to breathe but we also have to go through tooth pain when we end up with sinusitis!! The maxillary sinuses are located beneath the ... Read More »

Some Invisalign Facts and Statistics

Invisalign, as many people know by now, is a clear plastic tooth alignment system put forward as an alternative to metal braces.  This method has become widely used and accepted, and is not showing signs of slowing down. Its popularity undoubtedly stems from that fact that wearing a removable set of plastic aligners that is not particularly noticeable to others ... Read More »

Prime suspect: Gum disease

Recently, scientists have correlated between bad oral hygiene and myriad general health problems; like heart diseases, diabetes, dementia, rheumatoid arthritis, and premature birth. Though the causes and effects are not yet well established, the list of health problems is increasing as studies continues. Normally, the healthy gingiva looks firm and pink in color, but when the gingiva is inflamed it ... Read More »

Thinking of Whitening Your Teeth? Beware the Zingers!

Use caution with teeth whitening procedures or, as these articles show,  you could be sorry Tooth whitening or bleaching is a process that uses chemicals to penetrate a tooth’s crystalline structure through the porosites of tooth enamel and oxidize stain compounds, lightening the tooth. This is done by way of a number of different methods – in office bleaching with ... Read More »