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How to Brush and Floss

Correct brushing and flossing are needed to keep your pearly whites healthy. You can confidently sport a big smile when you know that your teeth do not appear unsightly. Avoiding sugary foods, maintaining a balanced diet and following good dental habits – all of these will surely provide you with a healthy set of teeth for a life time.

The main objective of brushing and flossing our teeth is to de- plaque it and many dental diseases like plaque and gingivitis can be effectively controlled too. Dental plaque is formed when bacteria settle on our gum line and also between our teeth. If the plaque is left uncleaned and untreated it hardens to form the calcified tartar. This can advance to Gingivitis – a mild stage of periodontal disease causing inflammation of the gums. Further, severe periodontal disease can set in leaving the person in much disgust. Hence it is very important to get your teeth checked by a dentist at regular intervals.

Good oral hygiene can certainly reduce your chances of facing the hazards of the periodontal disease. Dentists recommend a soft bristled toothbrush to clean the gums and spaces between the teeth to effectively de-plaque them. The brushing time should be of 3 full minutes unlike the usual 1 minute brushing done hastily by many of us. One should brush twice daily.

The correct method of brushing should be followed while brushing your teeth and gums as clean teeth are not prone to bacterial infection in your mouth. There are many ways in which you can brush your teeth. Generally the bass method technique is followed where the tooth brush is angled at about 45 degrees against the gum line and used in a rotary motion on the teeth’s chewing surface. Brushing with excess force can bleed the gums and can strip the enamel off from the teeth making the gums more vulnerable and sensitive. Hence dentists advise the use of soft bristled tooth brushes and brushing with such brushes can rid your teeth of the tartar build up. Healthy looking teeth should not be puffy and red but should look pink.

Today we find the electric tooth brush in the market as a popular inclusion in dental care appliances. You can use it to brush the teeth properly and massage the gums too. Brushing the teeth is not just enough. You need to floss the teeth to undo the plaque from the spaces between the teeth. Waxed and non waxed floss can be used. Some people make use of the floss holder to manoeuvre the floss properly between the teeth. A 12 inches length of floss which is wound around the index finger and held between the thumb and the index finger is gently slid between the teeth, curved around and pulled out which results in proper flossing of the teeth. You must remember not to snap the floss up and down lest you cut and damage the delicate gum tissues. Once the flossing is done, you can rinse your mouth with a mouthwash. Take good care of your teeth and they will take care of you. And this mutual caring will keep you smiling your best smile-always.

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