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Funny Facts About Teeth

Here are some funniest facts about teeth, which I hope to draw a smile on your face.

  • Dolphins use their teeth to grasp only, not to chew, as dolphins’ jaws have no muscles.
  • Each year, the 20th of September is an official holiday in China; this day is called “Love your teeth day”. Great people, aren’t they?
  • Elephant’s molar tooth weight nearly 4 kilograms and almost 7″ square.
  • In Germany, at Middle Ages, kissing a donkey was the only treatment for painful teeth.
  • Ancient Greeks were the first to invent dental pliers
  • In United States, the first woman to get a dental degree was Lucy Hobbs, from Ohio college of Dental surgery in 1866.
  • You can actually produce more than ten thousand gallons of saliva during your entire life.
  • You consume about 26 calories of your total body calories in one minute kiss.
  • Sharks have three rows of sharp teeth in both of their jaws; actually, a shark can change almost forty sets of teeth in its entire life.
  • Enamel covering crown of your teeth is the hardest tissue in your entire body
  • Most people prefer to use blue toothbrushes than the red ones!
  • Unlike humans, when a crocodile loses a tooth, another one grows to replace the old one. Really, it is a natural born killer.
  • Your toothbrush contains approximately about 2.500 bristles grouped in forty tufts
  • Originally, bristles of toothbrush was made of cow hairs
  • Dental caries is the most commonly occurring chronic disease among children
  • The first commercial dental floss was made in the year of 1882
  • Ninety percent of all systemic diseases reveal oral cavity manifestations
  • According to Guinness World Records 2002, Sir Isaac Newton had the most valuable tooth of all times; his tooth was sold in London for $3,633.00 in 1816. Furthermore, this tooth was put in a ring.
  • To satisfy the Americans sweet tooth; United States had spent more than twenty one million dollars on candy in 2001. Can you believe that this is more than gross national products of Costa Rica, Lithuania, and Mozambique combined?!!!
  • Your dental plaque contains more than three hundred species of bacteria.
  • Animals’ numbers of teeth are amazing; dogs have forty two teeth, cats have thirty teeth, pigs have forty four teeth, and the armadillo has one hundred and four teeth.

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