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Thinking of Whitening Your Teeth? Beware the Zingers!

Use caution with teeth whitening procedures or, as these articles show,  you could be sorry Tooth whitening or bleaching is a process that uses chemicals to penetrate a tooth’s crystalline structure through the porosites of tooth enamel and oxidize stain compounds, lightening the tooth. This is done by way of a number of different methods – in office bleaching with ... Read More »

What do the OTC Teeth Whitening kits Contain?

In the last decade, we have seen the emergence of numerous teeth whitening kits that can be easily obtained in the form of over-the-counter medicines. Majority of the teeth whiteners currently contain peroxide in high amount. The peroxide-based teeth whiteners gained a lot of popularity and even the dentists use the bleaching tray technique that has 10% carbamide peroxide whitening ... Read More »

8 Tooth Whitening Facts you should know before going for it

Lots of people are really after whiter teeth and go for dental tooth whitening. There are plenty of teeth whitening procedures to whiten teeth, the most advanced dental whitening are from dentists providing in-office whitening procedures. Here are some interesting facts on dental whitening. 1. Only natural teeth can extract the best effect of tooth whitening. Artificial dental prosthetics and ... Read More »

Are teeth whitening compounds harmful for dental health?

Most of the teeth whitening applications will have hydrogen peroxide in them. The application of peroxide chemistry applies the effectiveness of the teeth whitening compounds. The doctors have prescribed peroxide compounds for decades for the purpose of teeth whitening. However, one cannot be sure about the effectiveness or harmfulness of the peroxide compounds as medical science is yet to come ... Read More »

3 Homemade Teeth Whitening Techniques

In recent years teeth whitening has become extremely popular. Some people are able to eliminate stains on their teeth by purchasing special toothpastes or visiting their dentist. In this article we’ll show you three home remedies to brighten your smile, and avoid those expensive Dentist visits. Baking Soda The use of baking soda for teeth whitening has been floating around ... Read More »