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8 Amazing Dental facts your Dentist didn’t tell you

dental myths and facts

Dental health is quite intriguing. There are plenty of myths around that we blindly believe and follow. Dental health is a whole science in itself and there is a lot more to it than appears so. Here are some interesting facts that an average person does not know about dental health. Here are some cool dental facts that you might ... Read More »

9 Uses for Toothpaste Other than Brushing Your Teeth

toothpaste uses

You know the importance of toothpaste for bringing out the best in your pearly whites but did you know that toothpaste is useful for a wide variety of other purposes? It’s true. Toothpaste can do much more than leave your smile bright and your breath minty fresh. Take a look at these nine uses for toothpaste that will have you ... Read More »

Why people ignore dental health

Dental work is costly

Dental Health is an integral aspect of our health, an aspect we tend to not keenly follow. Most of us are guilty of not taking our oral health with seriousness that it demands. This indifferent attitude of the common person is a major cause for dental problems that could have been intercepted at an initial stage. As many people later ... Read More »

5 Reasons why we hate the dentist

I hate my dentist

Hating dentists comes naturally to many people. Some people hate dentists because they are Dentists, some think dentists are meant to be hated. A few hate them because others do so. But, an important aspect of this is why people hate the dentist. Being a dentist, I’m not gonna take the route of disagreeing with this and brand these people ... Read More »

7 Top Dental Myths Busted

Exposing dental myths

Myths are an integral aspect of any field. But, when it comes to myths involving health, they can be potentially dangerous. There are lots of myths associated with dental health. I mention the popular ones. Do feel free to add you own in the comments section. 1. Tooth Decay caused by worms This is age old myth which was accepted ... Read More »