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Funny Facts About Teeth

Here are some funniest facts about teeth, which I hope to draw a smile on your face. Dolphins use their teeth to grasp only, not to chew, as dolphins’ jaws have no muscles. Each year, the 20th of September is an official holiday in China; this day is called “Love your teeth day”. Great people, aren’t they? Elephant’s molar tooth ... Read More »

Countering Dental Fears

The fear of willingly submitting yourself to a person who requires you to remain perfectly still, while you inhale disturbing odors, and listen to skin-crawling sounds, and quite often, the experience of extreme oral pain is not really surprising in this country. The truth is 75% of adults in the United States experience some form of anxiety before going to ... Read More »

The Evolution of Dental Practices

Dentistry, Its History and Development The practice of dentistry has changed and evolved over the years of its development. Early dental practices were apparently a rather rough affair, sometimes involving a shot of whiskey for anesthesia and a gunshot for a quick tooth extraction. In ancient times (research reveals that even the ancient Egyptians practiced some form of dentistry) patients ... Read More »

The Physics of Dental Lasers

Dental lasers are used for a variety of tasks in the field of dentistry such as gum surgery and reshaping, teeth whitening, cavity detection, bone surgery procedures, and the reduction of periodontic bacteria. Let’s take a deeper look into the physics of these ingenious devices. This is isn’t primarily a pros and cons type article, this is simple science for ... Read More »

Karat Golden Smiles

Dentistry was practiced by ancient people, like Pharaohs, and Babylonians. The following picture is for a fractured jaw of an ancient Egyptian, showing drill holes used for bone repairing. Can you believe this? This piece which looks like a sort of a bridgework is from pure gold. Archaeologist think it was made at 1.000 BC for a king or a ... Read More »

Three Tips for Oral Health

It is the normal tendency for any person to look after his health only after getting ill or suffering from some ailments. Even though everybody knows the proverb: “health is wealth”, people rarely pay attention to various health maintaining and body fitness exercises. Of course, there are some kinds of people who have some routine schedule by allocating some specific ... Read More »

Why Health Care reform is NOT Dental Care reform

The Health Care reform has gripped America’s attention over the past few months. Every one wants to know how they will benefit and what’s in it for them. The response has varied from hailing the reform to opposing the reform. This health care reform proposal of U.S Congress will bring about a major change in the national health care system. ... Read More »