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Be Aware of Unhygienic Dental Treatment Consequence

Have you visited your dentist lately and he or she has recommended some dental procedure that would require you to go through an extensive dental treatment? You must be aware of the fact that unhygienic dental treatment can cause havoc with your teeth. We strongly recommend that for any kind of dental treatment, simple it may be, you must visit ... Read More »

Dental Veneers – Here Is the Information You Are Looking For

Cosmetic dentistry is really becoming popular with more and more people resorting to it to improve the appearance of their teeth and enhance the overall beauty. An unpleasant appearance of the teeth can really make you look unattractive. Patients dealing with either discolored teeth, chipped or crooked tooth, and gaps between teeth often adopt cosmetic dentistry to get treat themselves ... Read More »

Can Mercury Amalgam Fillings Cause Gum Disease? – Dental hygiene blog

To properly answer this question, let us examine the scientific literature published in reputable dental journals: In 1957, Zander (JADA 55:11-15) reported “materials used in restorative dentistry may be a contributing factor in gingival disease”. In 1961, App (JProsthDent 11:522-532) suggested that there was greater chronic inflammation around amalgam sites than non-amalgam areas. In 1964, Trott and Sherkat (JCDA 30:766-770) ... Read More »

When do I need dental implants?

A dental implant is actually an artificial root that is implanted in your gum and it resembles any restoration done to your other tooth or teeth. One of the very common forms of dental implants is done through root-form endosseous implants. It has an actual root. There are various reasons to opt for dental implants and when you tend to ... Read More »

Damon braces or traditional braces: which one to choose?

“Train Tracks” This is what dentists call traditional braces, actually, this nick name describes how you are going to feel and look with traditional braces. Some people say that it is not important how you feel during your orthodontic treatment, what really counts is the end result. Day after day, the importance of cosmetic dentistry increases, in fact, people start ... Read More »

For All Dental Phobias, Sleep Dentistry Works Like Magic

All over the world, fear of dental clinic is becoming a serious problem. In the United States, for example, 4 persons out of 5 have admitted being terrified from all dentists. Unfortunately, it is estimated that at least one out of seven Americans never try to get any dental care at all due to their own dental phobia. Likely, sleep ... Read More »

Most frequently asked questions about dental implants

What are dental implants? Dental implants are artificial substitutes for a single or multiple roots of a missing tooth; which are inserted surgically in jaw bones. According to prosthodontics, dental implants can be used as potent anchors supporting the partial or complete restoration of missing tooth or teeth, while according to cosmetic dentistry, they are used to improve overall dental ... Read More »

Top 10 Technologies That Are Changing Dentistry Today

Technology has advanced to a great extent. And it doesn’t leave out dentistry as well. Nowadays lasers are being used to whiten the teeth and porcelain veneers to give a natural looking restoration to any of your teeth which needs to get a cosmetic touch for appearance improvement. Sedation Dentistry too has evolved as a great way to do away ... Read More »

What Are Veneers And Why Are They Useful?

Veneers are the latest addition to advancement in Cosmetic dentistry. Veneers are thin casings used to cover the front side of the teeth. These custom made casings are multifunctional as they can correct uneven teeth, disguise discoloration, worn enamel, and irregular scaping and chipped teeth. Sometimes veneers are used to protect an already damaged tooth from further damage. They also ... Read More »