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Impacted tooth

Impacted Tooth In simple words, the tooth which gets trapped under the gum surface is referred to as impacted tooth and the most common ones are the impacted wisdom teeth which are experienced by teenagers. The teeth erupt from under the gums by breaking through them. Occasionally, they are unable to do so which leaves the erupting tooth embedded under ... Read More »

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases affecting humans. It is known by a variety of names such as tooth decay, dental caries, dental cavity, dental decay etc. Tooth decay is simply demineralization of the tooth structure caused due to release of acids by pathogenic bacteria over a period of time. Tooth Decay Causes There are ... Read More »

7 Worst Dental Emergencies You Need to Know

We all agree that accidents do happen. How many times you have a dental accident and you didn’t know what to do? Sometimes, simple procedures can save you from losing a tooth or suffering from severe pain. Here are some nice tips to deal with the worst dental emergencies you might face. 1. When you bite your tongue or lip; ... Read More »

Excessive Cementation in Teeth – Hypercementosis

Enamel covers the portion of the tooth above the gumline. Cementum covers the portion below the gumline (the root surface). Hypercementosis is the thickening or increased deposit of cementum on the root surface. It may involve the entire root surface, but more commonly it appears as a bulbous mass involving the root end (called the apex). No pain or other ... Read More »

How Can Your Dental Health Stand In The Way of Your Love?

Indeed, your bad oral hygiene can come in the way of your social life. If you are a victim of halitosis or bad breath, you will understand what I mean. No one wants to be with a person who suffers from halitosis (bad breath). Definitely, bad breath makes you unpopular. Can you imagine loving someone with bad breath? Unfortunately, nobody ... Read More »

The most common disease that causes loss of teeth – Dental Caries Part 2

You can read the part 1 of most common disease that causes loss of teeth, before reading the 2nd part. Bacterial Polysaccharides The ability of S. mutans to initiate smooth surface caries and form large amounts of adherent plaque depends on its ability to polymerize sucrose into high-molecular-weight, dextran-like, extracellular polysaccharides (glucans). The cariogenicity of S. mutans depends as much ... Read More »

Wisdom teeth pain

Wisdom teeth pain The wisdom teeth are the teeth which are present in your mouth’s furthest back, one on each corner of your jaw (top and bottom); so four in total. Not everyone face trouble with their wisdom teeth but wisdom teeth pain is a common dental problem. The impacted wisdom tooth or the wisdom teeth pain is common among ... Read More »

Tooth Hypersensitivity and Decay

Are your teeth hypersensitive to temperature changes or to sweet and acid foods? When this occurs, your body pH is too acid. Your teeth are screaming for minerals! Instead of using a desensitizing toothpaste, listen to your body and take your minerals. Normal Tooth Decalcification Decay Dental micro-circulation: Dr. Ralph Steinman was the first to demonstrate tooth micro-circulation. Liquids that ... Read More »