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Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Dentistry – Don’t Even Consider Having One before You Read This

Anti Inflammatory drugs are very popular. They help in relieving you of extreme pain. They function somewhat like the pain killers and muscle relaxants. Anti inflammatory drugs had been devised to address only small areas on the body. But with time they are now being used in almost all fields of medicine.

The anti inflammatory drugs find a wide usage in dentistry. They are very useful during any kind of oral surgery. The using of anesthetics during oral surgery is inevitable. Dentists had always been using mild anesthetics so that the patient has to suffer minimum pain and discomfort. But the anesthetics cannot help in reducing the pain that the patient has to undergo post surgery. The anesthetics can only give you a relief as long as you are undergoing the surgery. Once the surgery is done and the numbness starts fading away you will start feeling the excruciating pain.

The popularity of these anti inflammatory drugs in dentistry is because these drugs help giving instant relief to the patients who have undergone any kind of surgical dental procedure. Dental procedures such as tooth extraction, root canal treatment, oral prophylaxis or even setting up of braces results in the swelling of the gum and cause a lot of pain in the patient. The anti inflammatory drugs help in reducing this pain. The gum swelling or inflammation inside the mouth needs some kind of medical attention for sure. Earlier it would generally be the pain killers. But the anti inflammatory drugs have been found to function better than the pain killers or the muscle relaxants.

So what makes them function better in minimizing the swelling and pain caused due to dental procedures? Well the mechanism of the muscle relaxants are to work on only those muscles which are attached to the skeleton. Pain Killers on the other hand do not address a specific part and are hence not as effective. The anti inflammatory drugs on the other hand are great on a particular area that is affected who’s swelling and pain needs to be reduced.

They are being promoted as a very useful supplement to the use of the anesthetics and are even seen as an alternative to the use of anesthetics. They address a specific area and the results are instant. All these factors make it an obvious choice for all dental and orthodontic procedures. They are an ideal option for the post oral surgery care and are even used in therapeutic procedures.

The fact that the anesthetics are required to be injected into the gums of the patient makes it very difficult to administer. Anti inflammatory drugs are therefore seen as a potential replacement to the anesthetics. But the anti inflammatory drugs have not yet completely replaced the usage of anesthetics in case of oral surgery or other dental procedures that require it. Research is going on how to develop the anti inflammatory drugs as a sure shot alternative to the usage of anesthetics.

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