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9 Uses for Toothpaste Other than Brushing Your Teeth

You know the importance of toothpaste for bringing out the best in your pearly whites but did you know that toothpaste is useful for a wide variety of other purposes? It’s true. Toothpaste can do much more than leave your smile bright and your breath minty fresh. Take a look at these nine uses for toothpaste that will have you seeing your favorite brand in a whole new light.

1) Treats Bee Stings and Insect Bites

For this to work it must be an old fashioned paste toothpaste product rather than one of the “new fangled” gel toothpastes. Wash the area in cold water to numb and draw out the pain. Remove the stinger in the event of a bee sting. Then, dab toothpaste on the affected area. Leave the toothpaste there – do not rinse it off. The longer it remains the better.

2) Removes Crayon and other Marks from Painted Walls

Believe it or not, it’s true! Toothpaste (the original paste variety) is a miracle worker when it comes to getting rid of bothersome crayon marks left behind by little fingers. The best part is that it won’t remove the paint so it’s safe to use on walls and other wood furniture that has been painted in a different color scheme than the offending crayon. If you’re cleaning on budget and need to remove crayon fast most dollar stores have tubes for one dollar or less. This means you can even use this for an excellent and frugal crayon removal tip.

*Hint: Toothpaste should be safe for your paint and is in most cases. However, it is wise to do a small test area in an inconspicuous location on your wall before applying the toothpaste to a larger area in an effort to remove unsolicited works of art from your wall. Let it sit for 24 hours and check back for potential problems with paint then remove the larger work of art.

3) Removes Scratches from CDs and DVDs

Compact Discs (CDs) and Digital Video Discs (DVDs) can provide many hours of entertainment to people of all ages. Unfortunately they have proven to be somewhat fragile when not properly cared for. This has left more than one CD or DVD thrown into a trash container long before its usefulness is gone. You can save many of these discs by rinsing with water and then rubbing toothpaste (the paste variety and not a gel) over the surface of the CD or DVD where scratches occur. Then rinse with warm water making sure that all toothpaste residue has been removed from the surface. There should be some toothpaste in the cracks to create a smooth surface. Dry well. Test the results. This process may need to be repeated if there are many scratches.

4) Removes Pimples Fast

Acne can be a real downer for your social life. Many times you can feel the pimple coming on long before it makes its appearance. Once it makes its grand entrance though toothpaste (the old-fashioned paste variety) can zap that zit double quick.

Dab a little toothpaste on the pimple at night before going to bed and you should be well rid of the pimple by morning. Just remember that whitening toothpastes contain hydrogen peroxide that can irritate or damage the skin. This is also not suggested for people with extremely sensitive skin because it may irritate.

5) Deodorize Hands

Ever had an unpleasant aroma cling to your hands? If you’ve ever chopped onions or garlic you know all too well how some fragrances seem to follow you for hours no matter how many times you wash your hands. Even certain cleaning products can linger on your hands for an unpleasant experience.

Next time this happens to you try using a small dab of toothpaste on your hands in addition to the soap you would

Toothpaste uses

Uses of tooth paste

ordinarily use. When you think about it, it makes sense. Toothpaste works to remove the aroma from strong smelling foods from your mouth. It can do the same for your hands.

6) Prevent Mirrors from Fogging

Foggy bathroom mirrors becoming a bummer? Prevent the annoying fog by rubbing toothpaste on the mirror and then wiping it off. Do this before your next shower and see how quickly you can go from the shower to the mirror and onto round two of your morning routine. Saving just a few minutes by not waiting for the mirror to clear can make your morning more productive.

*Hint: This also works well to keep swimming goggles from fogging up. Wipe toothpaste along the inside and wipe off before swimming.

7) Removes Scuffs from Sneakers

Looking for ways to get rid of scuff marks from sneakers? Before you begin, wipe the shoe with a damp cloth. Remove any debris or dirt. Use a plain toothpaste and rub it onto the white area of the shoe. Rinse any remaining toothpaste. This will remove the black marks and scuffs on the shoe and have them nice and white again. Stubborn stains or scuffs may require additional toothpaste or multiple applications to remove completely.

8 ) Cleans Shower Doors

For this project you’ll want to use a toothpaste with whitening ingredients. Those ingredients are typically peroxide based or baking soda. Avoid gel toothpaste. Dampen a sponge and place a small amount of toothpaste in the center. Use the sponge and toothpaste to clean the shower doors in a circular motion. Allow plenty of time for the active ingredients to work on the soap scum then rinse. When all is said and done you’ll have clearer, cleaner, and soap scum free shower doors.

9) Fills in Nail Holes in Walls

This only works for small holes that are less than ¼”. The trick is in finding a toothpaste the same shade as your wall or a willingness to touch up the paint once the toothpaste sets. Squeeze the toothpaste into the hole and use a putty knife to remove excess toothpaste that didn’t quite make it into the mark. This is a quick and inexpensive fix that is great for rentals or college apartments to cover up nail holes left over from posters, calendars, and photographs that graced the walls.


Remove Marks Using Toothpaste


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