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7 Worst Dental Emergencies You Need to Know

We all agree that accidents do happen. How many times you have a dental accident and you didn’t know what to do? Sometimes, simple procedures can save you from losing a tooth or suffering from severe pain.

Here are some nice tips to deal with the worst dental emergencies you might face.

1. When you bite your tongue or lip; clean the bitten area with a piece of cotton or cloth. If swelling occurs, compress a cold pack over the injured area, but if uncontrolled bleeding starts, hurry up to the nearest dentist or hospital. Your dentist might need to do some stitches to control bleeding.

2.If you break a tooth, rinse your mouth thoroughly with some warm water, and avoid swallowing the broken parts.

To minimize edema, compress cold pack on the affected area. Don’t hesitate to call your dentist at once.

3. If your tooth is cracked; your treatment depends on location and size of the crack. Likely, most types of tooth cracks are tiny and don’t cause any troubles. Treatment of the cracked teeth usually varies from using a filling dental material to seal the crack to treating the cracked tooth endodontically. Unfortunately, extraction is needed for severely cracked teeth. Minor teeth cracks are usually diagnosed during routine dental examination.

4. If you suspect that your jaw is fractured, apply cold pack against the area of swelling to control edema, and go immediately to nearest hospital emergency department. If you start to feel pains take any type of analgesics except aspirin (as it increases the bleeding tendency).

Symptoms of a broken jaw are:

Pain and swelling
Malocclusion (teeth don’t fit or occlude together)
Numbness in lower lip and chin
Intra-oral bleeding
Bruises around the injured area

5. What if your tooth is knocked out?

Please, don’t panic.

Simply hold the tooth from the crown and rinse the root with warm water or saline. Avoid scrubbing the tissue fragments on the root. If possible, insert the tooth back in its socket or put it under your tongue. Be careful to avoid swallowing it. Else wise, you can keep the knocked tooth in a glass of milk and hurry up to your dentist. Of course, don’t forget to take the glass of milk with you!

6. If there is an objects stuck between your teeth, try to remove it gently with dental floss. Don’t ever try to remove it with a sharp instrument to avoid cutting your gingiva. Call your dentist if you failed to dislodge it.

7. Suffering from a toothache is very annoying. Most dental diseases are manifested with toothaches. If you are having a toothache, clean your mouth with warm water; also use dental flossing and teeth brushing to ensure there is no food remnants caught between your teeth. Don’t ever try to control toothache by putting an aspirin or any type of analgesic against your gingival or buccal mucosa, to avoid burning your oral tissues. Contact your dentist if pain persists.

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