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Cavity Prevention in Children

1. Hygiene Daily brushing is necessary: explain this to your child and encourage his initiative. Establish with him the time of day when he will brush. Make sure the child brushes a total of 5 minutes, divided between the number of daily brushing (usually 2 or 3 per day). Up until the age of 10, it is important to check ... Read More »

Can your toothbrush make you sick

Your toothbrush might be the nastiest thing you have to deal with every day. Imagine!!! According to scientists at England University of Manchester, there are more than one hundred million bacteria living in your uncovered toothbrush, including staphylococci which causes skin rashes and E. coli which causes diarrhea. No need to panic, as your mouth is not free of micro-organisms ... Read More »

What To Do And Not To Do When You Are Pregnant

There has been an old popular myth saying that for every child a mother bears, she loses a tooth. This can be very distressing to all those pregnant mothers who hear this but it is completely untrue in this age. This myth is based on the fact that the fetus draws calcium directly from the mother’s teeth and results in ... Read More »

4 Facts About Your Teeth You Didn’t Know

We all agree that our teeth are very important for eating, speaking and smiling. But did you know these simple facts about your white pearls?!!!! Fact number 1: Sugar is not the only bad guy. In fact, acidic foods or foods with low PH can harm your teeth as well. As bacteria causing caries love and flourish only in acidic ... Read More »

Top 7 Foods to Protect your Teeth and Gums

The type of food you eat can really influence your healthy smile exactly like flossing and brushing, imagine! Actually, each time you consume processed sugars or starches, you are helping the bacteria in your mouth to form more and more acids which cause all types of tooth caries , gingival and periodontal problems. Some foods can naturally fight caries, prevent ... Read More »

3 Dental Facts You Won’t Believe

Tooth brushing Less Than Two Times Daily Increases Your Risk For Heart Diseases A recent study has suggested that people who don’t practice tooth brushing twice daily are more susceptible of having heart diseases in the near future. This study was published online in British Medical Journal in the seventh of June this year. In the past, most researches were ... Read More »

How to floss your teeth

Flossing forms a part of basic dental hygiene. Unfortunately, very few people employ flossing in their routine dental care. Hardly 2% of U.S population engages in flossing at a regular basis. It should be noted that flossing is a must for proper dental hygiene and not a bonus for dental hygiene. Brushing your teeth cleans about 65% of the tooth ... Read More »