7 Worst Dental Emergencies You Need to Know

We all agree that accidents do happen. How many times you have a dental accident and you didn’t know what to do? Sometimes, simple procedures can save you from losing a tooth or suffering from severe pain. Here are some nice tips to deal with the worst dental emergencies you might face. 1. When you bite your tongue or lip; ... Read More »

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay Tooth decay is one of the most common diseases affecting humans. It is known by a variety of names such as tooth decay, dental caries, dental cavity, dental decay etc. Tooth decay is simply demineralization of the tooth structure caused due to release of acids by pathogenic bacteria over a period of time. Tooth Decay Causes There are ... Read More »

Funny Facts About Teeth

Here are some funniest facts about teeth, which I hope to draw a smile on your face. Dolphins use their teeth to grasp only, not to chew, as dolphins’ jaws have no muscles. Each year, the 20th of September is an official holiday in China; this day is called “Love your teeth day”. Great people, aren’t they? Elephant’s molar tooth ... Read More »

Impacted tooth

Impacted Tooth In simple words, the tooth which gets trapped under the gum surface is referred to as impacted tooth and the most common ones are the impacted wisdom teeth which are experienced by teenagers. The teeth erupt from under the gums by breaking through them. Occasionally, they are unable to do so which leaves the erupting tooth embedded under ... Read More »

When do I need dental implants?

A dental implant is actually an artificial root that is implanted in your gum and it resembles any restoration done to your other tooth or teeth. One of the very common forms of dental implants is done through root-form endosseous implants. It has an actual root. There are various reasons to opt for dental implants and when you tend to ... Read More »

Abnormalities You Should Know in the Number of Teeth

Isolated hypodontia or anodontia It is relatively common and often hereditary to see failure of development of one or two teeth. Most frequently missing teeth include third molars, second premolars, or maxillary second incisors. (Congenital absence of lateral incisors with spacing of the anterior teeth) Absence of third molars can be a disadvantage if first or second molars, or both, ... Read More »

Can Mercury Amalgam Fillings Cause Gum Disease? – Dental hygiene blog

To properly answer this question, let us examine the scientific literature published in reputable dental journals: In 1957, Zander (JADA 55:11-15) reported “materials used in restorative dentistry may be a contributing factor in gingival disease”. In 1961, App (JProsthDent 11:522-532) suggested that there was greater chronic inflammation around amalgam sites than non-amalgam areas. In 1964, Trott and Sherkat (JCDA 30:766-770) ... Read More »

How to Self-Diagnosis Your Dental Problems?

Fortunately, you don’t have to be a dentist to spot your own dental problems; in fact, there are some distinguishable warning signs which might help you in self-diagnosis for any oral diseases. Usually, each dental disease gives a clue or symptom to be easily diagnosed and the following table is mini-guide for most popular dental diseases. Here are some of ... Read More »

How to Brush and Floss

Correct brushing and flossing are needed to keep your pearly whites healthy. You can confidently sport a big smile when you know that your teeth do not appear unsightly. Avoiding sugary foods, maintaining a balanced diet and following good dental habits – all of these will surely provide you with a healthy set of teeth for a life time. The ... Read More »